Case Study : LinkedIn Events

LinkedIn Events - Creating opportunities to connect candidates and companies alike.

Type: Case Study
Client: LinkedIn
Team: Salma, Rachael, Vi, & Derik
Timeframe : 2 weeks

LinkedIn was looking for a new fresh feature to add to their product to help reverse the current deceleration of revenue from its premium membership service.

Focusing Statement 
LinkedIn has been facing a steady deceleration over the past 2 years in profit earnings. They believe that they should be focusing on their membership in the career option of the LinkedIn membership.

Framing Statement
Making connections with industry experts is so difficult. If I had only a chance to showcase who I am.

Solution Statement
Creating opportunities to connect candidates and companies alike.

The Journey


Not knowing much about the LinkedIn company, we had to learn more about the company itself and where it stood. Once we gained a better understanding of where the business was, we continued our research with user interviews.

Freemium - The majority of our interviewed users were using the free LinkedIn account.

From our user interviews, we gained some interesting insights into how the platform was being used and what possible areas could be improved. After sorting and compiling all the insights, through affinity mapping we tried to locate a common thread amongst all the users.

We discovered that overall LinkedIn was doing what it promised to do, which is connect working professionals together. However what we found was that even though users connected with other users in LinkedIn, many times that was where the connection would end.

Persona - Edward Paul

We decided to be creative with our persona, and created a LinkedIn account for him. This really brought our persona life and allowed us to really see the issues through his perspective.

The reason why we decided to focus on this particular persona, was because through our research we found that his demographic was the one most in pain, and needed the most help.

Edwards had the skills, but lacked the opportunities to meet up with prospective employers.

Looking for work - Meet Edward Paul, our Engineering Master and Lover of Games

Competitor Analysis

We quickly identified several competitors who have a similar concepts, and they were EventBrite and MeetUp. Both companies conduct upwards of $2 million dollars worth of events. We carefully looked at how they were running their events and implemented all the elements that would benefit our users.

Usability Testing & High Fidelity

After conducting usability testing and implementing some of the feedback, we moved into a high fidelity model. The end result works in seamlessly with the current LinkedIn platform.

LinkedIn Events Setting Page - Users can adjust the setting to increase matching events that they could attend
LinkedIn Events Homepage - Search, Save, RSVP, and browse current events that match the users.
LinkedIn Events Page - An example of what an event being hosted by an employer.


Overall I have happy with the end result, however that being said there is still a lot more work to be done and there are still a lot of questions and research that will need to be conducted before progressing any further. Questions like whether or not businesses would be willing to organise events to meet up with prospects? The most challenging part of this project was trying to find a feature that would benefit both the business and the user as well.