How to have more than 1 wallet on the same desktop pc!

Sometimes it is important to have more than 1 wallet of the same coin on the same computer.

I will use Piggie Coin wallet to show you all details!

First wallet you have installed normal.

If you use the default folder it is in the Roaming folder: piggie

Start setup a second folder called piggie2

In the folder you put the windows exe and setup a shortcut!

in features you see this:


add the following but you need to change with your username from your computer!

-datadir=C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\piggie2\ -listen=0

pay attention there need to be a space after the .exe

After that you can start your wallet with the shortcut and you can use also the tasklist! Now you have 2 wallets on your computer!



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