How to stake MNSC coins?

Download your wallet from the official Github:

This is the official github:

There you click on the top: “src”

A new page open. On the right side you see “releases” — click on the number of the last release — so you are sure that you download always the newest wallet files.

again a new page is open:

For fast here you find the links:

Download the wallet for your computer Windows or Linux.

2. For Windows:
  1. For Linux

Extract your files. For Windows open the windows-qt.exe and follow the installation instructions.

After this the sync process needs some time. let this run.

After your wallet is finish with sync you can put coins in your wallet

You can buy mnsc coins on Birake:

on Ihost:

on Xeggex:

only buy coins send them to your wallet, let the wallet online and open and staking will start automatically!



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