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MyPiggiesBank is a blockchain-based project designed for all kinds of people from cryptocurrency experts to users of all ages interested in starting in this ecosystem to learn about blockchain and generate passive income with Masternodes and Proof of Stake.

In the case of cryptocurrency experts, it allows them to set up a masternode or staking through which they can constantly generate coins and profit.

For those who want to experiment with blockchain but don’t have much experience, MyPiggiesBank offers a platform where they can get some experience through guides, tools and at the same time earn money while learning about Masternodecoins and Proof of Stake.

Piggie coin, is the currency based on the Blockchain of MyPiggiesBank and with it you can make and receive payments through P2P online, also generate piggie coins passively through Proof of Stake and Masternodes.

Piggie coin

Piggie coin is based on blockchain which allows you to carry out transactions from person to person (P2P) without the need for a third party, the blockchain of MyPiggiesBank is public and you can see all the transactions that are carried out transparently in its blockexplorer where you can also review and verify transactions.

Transactions and confirmations in the network of PIGGIE take less than 10 minutes and have a fee of less than 0.001 piggies.

Block Explorer:

PIGGIE Specifications:

The blockchain of PIGGIE is powered by masternodes and proof of stake, these are blockchain consensus methods that allow its users to generate coins by auditing and validating transactions on the network.

Proof of stake: With a minimum of 1 piggie coin you can participate in the network and receive rewards based on your balance while keeping the wallet connected to the internet and synchronized with the chain of blocks.

Masternodes: The configuration of a masternode of Piggie Coin is possible from a certain amount of Piggie coins, this amount works as a guarantee and usually changes as new blocks are produced, the current amount needed for a masternode is 40,000 piggie coins

Benefits of using Piggie coin

Generating coins through proof of stake and masternodes is one of the ways to generate passive income in cryptocurrencies.

These consensus protocols do not require mining machines that consume natural resources. Proof of stake and masternonde also decrease the carbon footprint on the environment.

In addition to generating Piggie Coins consistently, in a more sustainable way and using MyPiggiesBank as a savings account, you can also send, receive money and pay for services using Piggie coin from anywhere in the world with internet connection.

Piggie coin is available on different platforms where you can stake, also configure Masternodes and generate coins automatically without having to keep the wallet open and connected to the internet.

Platforms where you can stake and configure masternodes with piggie coin:

Piggie coin Wallet

The wallet of Piggie coin is available for Linux and Windows operating systems, also on mobile devices where staking and masternode setup is possible.

You can find the official PC wallet on the MyPiggiesBank website or by following the links below:

Noken Crypto Wallet is a mobile application where it is possible to deposit, withdraw and stake piggie coins.


There are different platforms where it is possible to see information about the market and exchange Piggie coins for BTC/ETH/USDT here you will be able to know the platforms where Piggie coin is currently available.

Exchanges where you can Buy/Sell Piggie Coins:


Here you will be able to know the market information and price statistics of Piggie coin:

Community and Social Networks

MyPiggiesBank is in constant development and in the project’s online communities you will be able to keep up to date with the latest updates of the platform and also share with the community and the MyPiggiesBank core team.

In the MyPiggiesBank communities you can participate in events where it is possible to win Piggie coins such as giveaways, aidrops and faucets of piggie coins and learn about how to generate coins with masternodecoins and staking.

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