What does this mean and why I am doing this?

I think I should tell you a bit more about my calculation and about the offer in phase1:

I would like to be able to offer a dividend per held masternode for the 4 coins in the long term!
My target is to be able to pay out between $0.5 and $10 per masternode per month.

I offer 10000 mnsc for 0.0020 btc, which is 20 satoshi per mnsc coin. After 4 weeks I buy back these 10000 mnsc coins for 22 satoshi. So Jonas earns 2 satoshi per coin = 10% profit just by holding the mnsc for 4 weeks.
But not only that, if Jonas also sets up the coins as a masternode, Jonas earns further mnsc coins in these 4 weeks: with MNSC the earnings after 4 weeks are about around 2400 coins. This means that Jonas has made a further 25% profit.
If he doesn’t set up the masternode himself, then simply deposit it at one of the shared hosting services and let it earn there.
If we include these 2400 MNSCat a current price of 10 satoshi on the exchange =
2400 x 10 satoshi = 0.00024 extra profit.

So Jonas not only earns 0.0002 from me but an additional 0.00024 so that makes 20% profit.
In numbers:
paid: 0.002 btc for 1 package!
after 4 weeks: 0.00244 btc for 1 package!
in percent: 22% profit

So now you are surely asking yourself, how does Derik make money with it for phase 2?
Of course I don’t just earn the 10% I pay you, but my average profit per month with compound interest is about 30–50% per month.
Let’s assume: Jonas buys packages worth 1000$ from me.
So if I start with e.g. 1000$ and I make 30% profit in the 1st month:
After the months I can pay Jonas back the 10% plus the original sum ( sum: 1100 $) and can continue to work with the remaining 200$ and earn the dividend for the masternodes.

I would like to offer phase 1 for a maximum of 3 months.
If we are faster, gladly also only 1 or 2 months. After that, I would like to pay out the trading profits as dividends, i.e. start phase 2!

I hope you have now understood better why I am making this offer.
I look forward to your questions and suggestions and would be very happy if you support the projects and help us with phase 1.

The more deals I can make in phase 1, the faster and more each masternode holder will receive as dividends in phase 2.

Reminder: on Phase 2: only selfhosted masternodes will count for dividend payment! It is not allowed to use shared services!



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