Why I Write

I write for selfish reasons.

My current goal, my One Thing, is to improve my rate of learning. Not to learn: to improve my rate of learning: to learn frameworks and ways of thinking that will accelerate my learning. I write because I think it helps me achieve that goal. 

I write to put down my thoughts and achieve clarity in my own mind.

I write because I harbor a hope that someone unexpected will challenge something I say and change my mind.
When I think of people who write and share well, I think of my mentors: Diana and Edmond. I write because I want to be more like them.
I write because it makes me happy, because it makes me come alive, because it helps make me feel fulfilled.
I write for (I hope) selfless reasons too. 
I write because I hope someone will benefit from engaging with my writing.
I write because I hope one of my stories will help someone feel less alone, will encourage someone else to write, to share their stories.
I write because I hope to shorten the timeline. I believe that anything any individual does in their life that helps humanity would have been done regardless of their existence on this planet. However, I also believe that individuals can shorten the timeline: They can make things happen faster than they would have without their existence. And if an individual can help shorten the timeline enough so that humanity doesn’t go extinct, that’s pretty awesome. Take Elon Musk and landing rockets. Would rockets that can land back on Earth have happened without him? Sure. Did his existence make them happen faster? I think so. Aside: I really hope you don’t interpret this as me trying to compare myself to Elon–I was just trying to illustrate the point. I used to think wanting to change the world was conceited. Now, as a good friend of mine (thanks AM) once told me and as I hope is true, wanting to change the world (even if a little) isn’t conceited: It’s acknowledging my good fortune. My guiding belief is that I am lucky. I have been incredibly fortunate to have a loving family and a healthy genetic makeup, and to find myself in an environment where I could learn and be my best self. I want to share as much of that fortunateness as I can with others.
I don’t write to self-promote. I don’t write to hurt feelings or damage relationships. What I want most is to improve. One of the best tools I have for learning is to find natural pathways for feedback, so I want you to share any feedback you may have about what I write. Your feedback will always mean the world to me, I will never take it personally, and I will always look up to you for sharing it.
I’m already looking forward to sharing my future pieces with you. Thank you.

If you’re interested in reading more and receiving pieces I’m not planning on sharing as publicly, send an email to pieces@derindutz.com.