How Much Does Hair Transplant Cost In Delhi?

No doubt people are gladly accepting the hair transplantation technique to restore their hair, but many are still wondering due to its high cost. No doubt, the hair transplant is quite expensive, but it’s a surgery done by highly-skilled professionals using the most innovative techniques & equipment. It is a life-changing, permanent hair restoration treatment and no one would like to regret whole life for a wrong hair transplant! Thus, it is no wrong in spending a few Indian rupees as the hair transplant cost.

Anyway, here are the factors that determine the cost of a hair transplant in Delhi and other regions:

Location: In Delhi, the capital city of India, it is not tough to get a hair transplant at reasonable cost (in rupees). It is among the developed cities, with the top most medical institute and thousands of hair transplant surgeons. Moreover, it is easy to find a hotel and other basic amenities in NCR.

Hair transplant procedure: The cost is easy to calculate is you know which hair transplant method is good for you! There are basically two popular hair transplant methods- FUT and FUE. FUE is an upgradation to FUT technique, and there are still various clinics who prefer FUT method. Since different procedures and equipment are used in the two hair transplantation techniques, the price also varies accordingly.

Experience of Surgeon: The cost of a hair transplant also depends on the surgeon who will perform your surgery. If he is a novice, he would be ready to do it at a low cost, but the results may also be low (unsatisfactory) in that case. On the other side, higher the experience of the hair expert, higher will be the chances of desirable results and so, higher will be the price. Wish to know how much cost you have to pay for hair transplant in Delhi? Contact us!

Experienced team: A hair transplant surgeon is not alone to be credited for good results, but his whole team is. Thus, the team plays a significant role in determining the hair transplant price in Delhi, and other areas. If the team is highly-skilled and experienced, you will get excellent results, but you have to pay a higher amount in return.

Anesthesia: Though the price of anesthesia and other medications is inclusive of the hair transplant price, but still you should confirm it from the clinic before the procedure. If it is not included, search for some other hair transplantation clinic in Delhi.

Post-surgery support: Like every other surgery, the hair transplant treatment does not end at the surgery. You have to revisit the clinic many times to know the condition of the surgery or if the hair grafts are reacting correctly. It is advisable to ask the cost of post-consultation in advance from the clinic.

Follow-up grafts: Various people do not get desirable density in a single session. They, thus, plan for another hair transplant. If you are also among them, do ask the cost of successive hair transplants from your doctor in advance. You might find a hair transplant package at any clinic.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start visiting different clinics to get a hair transplant at reasonable cost (in Indian rupees).

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