Behind Movies

Critiquing movies is something I have been very into for the past few years. My friends and I always get together and break down each movie we have each seen and talk about it. We discuss the actors and actresses who starred in the film, along with the story line, camera work, how well the director did, and just about anything a movie can be critiqued on. We point out everything we thought could have been better or needed work, even if we enjoyed the movie. We will discuss plot holes and where the writers of the movie made a decision that didn’t go well. There is so much more to movies than just whether or not they are entertaining. They have many aspects people just overlook, or think doesn’t matter because it was entertaining or funny. I spend at least a few hours a day reading and researching upcoming movies, past movies, actors and actresses and what they have been in, critic reviews, and interesting facts about the filming and making of the movie. I even check each day to see which celebrity birthdays are today. I follow movies like most guys follow sports, and I usually have a lot of answers when it comes to people being unsure who played “that guy” or what “that guy” has been in. Some may say I have an obsession with movies, but I just enjoy learning about them. I follow movies like most guys follow sports. It is my forte and each day I continue to get better and learn more.


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