This part is a continuation for Part 1. If you want to see the first part of the CI chain please refer to the first part.

Ok, so jumping right into Part 2 we will focus on the second part of our CI chain. Just to recap really quick: We…

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Here is a short guide on how to deploy your containerised application from your VCS of choice into your AWS account.

Introduction — Technology

I don’t want to waste any time and jump right into it:
The technology stack I am using here is GitLab as VCS with GitLabCI as CI system (you can…

This blog post will be focused on the possibilities and challenges which come with setting up and using Jenkins X. I still have to try out a lot to give a final opinion. …

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Writing templates is a good idea

When you start working in the freelance and consulting business, a good practise is to have some IaC (Infrastructure as Code) templates handy. Due to the large number of templates out there (Github, blog posts, …) it is tempting to quickly fly through those open source resources and adapt them…

Modularising your Infrastructure

Infrastructure asCode (or short IaC) is a challenge which keeps rising in popularity. And despite all of the extra effort you have to be willing to take, IaC is worth the hassle.

In an ever so fast moving world, it is generally a good idea to be as flexible as…

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Austrian DevSecOps Engineer with passion for cloud movement

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