Part 2 of 5: Accountability Strategies For Entre/Micropreneurs {2 Minute Reads}

Day 2: Find a Partner to Work With

This might be a business coach, or a colleague, or a friend that will work with you to accomplish the goal you have set.

Don’t engage an accountability buddy who never does what they say they’re going to do. If they don’t show up for themselves, it’s unlikely that they’re going to show up for you.

[Short Story] To stay accountable this year I have been using the Productivity Planner from Intelligent Change to ensure that I have been focused each day on accomplishing the most important thing that day before moving on to the next goal.

I promise the next update I will write clearer. It actually is on next weeks goal. :)

I promise the next update I will try to have better handwriting. It actually is on next weeks goal. The reason I got the journal was what made it worth mentioning on this short 2-minute read.

My Client uses the exact same planner and now we can help keep each other accountable because we know the “rules to the game”.

As a matter, of fact, writing on Medium now is a large part of my miracle morning routine to increase my strength in writing. My hope would be that increasing this strength would build my artistic sensitivity.

When doing something in your business, working side by side with a coach, friend or associate will often help you overcome the resistance you might feel towards what needs to be done.

{TLDR} In a Hurry?
Resistance is a form of fear, usually the fear of failure. When someone is there to guide and help you, chances are you will follow through and finish.