Part 3 of 5: Accountability Strategies for Entre/Micropreneurs {2 Minute Reads}

Day 3: Set A Negative Consequence

Not long ago I reread The Success Principles by Jack Canfield; he shares a story about a business executive who wanted to learn how to swim and jump off a diving board. He committed to a very negative consequence in front of his team to hold himself accountable.

When you set a negative consequence, and you are someone who follows through, this can create tremendous tension to be accountable.

I experimented with negative accountability strategies for entrepreneurs in a group-coaching program I’m a part of. Members had to set a negative consequence or “Commitment contracts” for not following through on their commitments.

Two weeks later, all but three had done what they said they were going to do — 83% of them.

That is a testament to how effective this strategy can be! The feedback was that it lit a fire under them to get things done because they didn’t want to have to follow through on the consequence they set.

What’s this week look like? This week I have committed myself to journaling daily for the next five days. The negative consequence will be that I have to work in my shop cleaning for 8 hours if I don’t. This is equivalent to losing several thousand dollars in billable time so I will most likely achieve my commitment without problems.

What would a negative consequence look like for you this week?

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