But Seriously, Let’s Talk About Millennial Poverty
Hanna Brooks Olsen

“I have been poor more than I have been not-poor. I grew up poor. I went to a university (something that neither of my parents did, through choice and circumstance and a systemic series of beliefs about who college is for) to no longer be poor, because I believed, as I was told by guidance counselors and the media and many adults and colleges themselves, that that was the only way to be not-poor.”

So you’ve been bamboozled and now your upset. It’s your own fault for not realizing that you have the power within yourself already to achieve anything that you want to do in life. You don’t need college, a handout from the government, a helping hand from mommy and daddy, or anything else for that matter. All you need is in your heart & mind already. The reason so many fail is because they don’t have the drive or determination to make it in the current system we have been born into. Start waking up at 6am, grinding a part time job, brainstorm ideas, find a problem and create a solution, invest in yourself, have a thirst for knowledge, be positive, be authentic, & network with people that are smarter than you. Don’t follow the herd mentality and reject anything that the media puts out (99.9% of it is garbage). Put in the time and effort to rise up to the next level instead of expecting it to be handed to you by someone.

Personally, the time period we are living in IS THE EASIEST it has ever been for someone to come up from the bottom. Before you wouldn’t even dare think about becoming rich or “getting to the next level”. If your dad was a farmer, you were a farmer, if your dad was a baker, you were a baker, if he was a carpenter, guess what? You’re going to be a fucking carpenter. Now a days you can be whatever you want if you have the drive to become it. This article only proves to me that you lack the creativity & drive to make it happen because apparently you chose to be a broke writer that complains on the internet instead of hustling to get to the next level like you claim you wanted to.*

You are giving the rest of us hard working millennial’s a bad name with articles like this that only further propagates the stereotype that all millennial’s are lazy & entitled. I see them everywhere now and it is starting to become annoying.

*There is nothing wrong with being broke if you are fine with that, but you have indicated that you wanted to be “not-poor” prior to going to college and was your reasoning for why you went to college.

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