Ecosystem as ‘mind’
Tim Boucher

I’ve not heard of animism, or quantum animism, before, and I’d have to look into it in detail before making a judgement about it.

I don’t believe that non-random equates with purposeful. For example, on Earth, all inanimate objects released into the air move in a non-random way — they all fall — but I don’t believe that such consistent motion is purposeful — it’s just the objects being pulled by gravity. Likewise, stones on a shingle beach are left by the tide in a non-random way — the smaller the stone, the further up the beach they tend to be deposited — but I don’t believe that such ordering is purposeful. In either case, I think that the laws of physics are sufficient to explain the non-randomness involved.

However, given that I don’t know about animism, perhaps we’re arguing past each other!

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