Boot camp Day 3

One thing i have learned these past few days is that in order to productive you have to be organized. Your tasks should be well defined and you have to know their order of priorities. On day 1 I was bombarded with a lot of new things and it was hard getting my priorities right. But as I continue to get my head around all the tools its getting easier to know which tasks to get right into and which ones i can delegate to another time.

So far I have really been challenged by the project. A lot of new stuff to learn. I am on challenge 2 and I currently have made very little progress. I spend about 12 hours daily on the project and hopefully I make something cool. What I like about all this is the end product. In Andela you don’t just learn how to be a developer, you learn how to be an excellent world class developer. That is where I get my motivation from knowing that this opportunity will open the world to me.

Thus far support from my LFA and peers has been great. Whenever I get stuck I post a question on flask and always get a reply.

One plus on the third day is I’ve managed to get good internet that means my communication and access to online resources problems are over, at least for today.

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