Two days in

I never quite imagined the boot camp would be this tough. Intense is an understatement. A lot to learn and put to practice but quite a limited time.

Day one started with a kickoff call on hangouts where it was explained to us the expectations laid on us. The call was rather relaxing and I was upbeat about meeting all the expectations. After the call I filled out the self introductory form then continued with the days task. I was creating wireframes online when my woes started. I lost my internet connection and with it all the progress I had made creating the wireframes.

I decided not to let that discourage me and I went forward to create the pages without wire frames. I sketched the designs on paper and wrote the html and css code and luckily I got internet connection in time to complete the daily form.

So far day 2 has not been any different, having to run to the cyber to get connection. This has really hampered interaction with my peers and access to online resources. As I learn my way around all the forms and applications I believe things will get easier.

To summarize, Andela is tough, I cant imagine anything tougher than this