I’ve had it. I’m running for Congress.

Derrick Crowe
Apr 19, 2017 · 3 min read

Friends and family: If you’ve not yet heard, I’m running for Congress in the 21st District of Texas. Some of y’all who knew me when I was younger might think, “this has been a long time coming,” but the truth is I’ve been avoiding this for a long time. Laurie and I have seen the life of a member of Congress up close when we worked for Democratic House members in D.C., and it’s a huge strain on a family. Seeing it from the inside goes a long way towards dissuading anyone from taking this on. But things in this country and this district have just gone too far to stay on the sidelines.

Please consider donating what you can:

Most of y’all know I’m a climate justice organizer in my off hours, and I’ve felt increasing alarm at how the escalating warnings from climate scientists about how bad the indicators are for our planet have been met with escalating denialism from people like Trump and Lamar Smith, the congressman who currently holds this seat. To cut right to the chase, if we don’t have carbon emissions slashed to nearly zero by the time my son graduates high school, we will virtually guarantee that we’ll see catastrophic climate changes in our lifetimes.

Beyond climate change, the politics in this country have completely gone off the rails over the last decade, as big corporations, aided by a string of outrageous Supreme Court decisions and allies in Republican-held Congresses, have grabbed our political and economic life by the throat. Old-school monopolies are back with a vengeance, and the ability of a person to start their own business and compete is fading more and more every year. If you feel like you’re less free and under more pressure lately, you’re right. Our politics don’t respond to the needs of working class people or even middle class people any longer. Politicians know where their bread is buttered in the age of Citizens United, and it’s not down at the coffee shop on Main Street.

Simply put, I’ve been watching more and more people get pushed around and bossed around by unaccountable power as the last few years have gone on, and then we went and elected the biggest bully in public life, and then my own representative came out in support of him.

I can’t watch anymore. I have to do something.

As of the beginning of this month, I’m officially running for the 21st District of Texas. My opponent in the general election reliably spends 1.5 million dollars every year, so I need you to support this effort financially or we won’t have a shot. Please consider donating today:


We’re seeing a lot of excitement out in the district. I’m hitting every gathering of progressives and Democrats I can find, talking about the need to stand up and fight back against Trump and the forces of corporate power strangling our way of life. But we’re also 100% sure that those same corporate forces are going to dump money on this race, and I need every ounce of support you can muster — and yes, that includes financial contributions — to power our effort.

Please donate what you can. Every minute we let this congressional seat stay under the control of big corporations is a minute we lose in the fight to save the climate, our democracy, and our communities.

It’s early in the race, and early money is the most important. You can make a huge impact on the outcome of this race if you dig deep. Please donate what you can today.

(You can also find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.)

Derrick Crowe

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Unabashed nerd, unrepentant pacifist, unapologetic advocate for science and reason. Opinions my own (duh).

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