Using Canva’s New iPhone App is Super Convenient

Photo Credit: Canva

If you’ve been devouring my content lately then you might have seen me previously mention Canva. It’s a great marketing tool that allows users to create banners, presentations, graphics and more without needing a degree in graphic design — it’s also FREE.

That’s why I was super pumped when I heard the amazing news that Canva had released an iPhone app because this means I can now edit my social media images while I’m on the go.

Photo credit: @derrickheydon on Instagram

Until now, any images that I was editing in Canva was only being sent to my Blog, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube because the only way I could access it was on a computer. And now that it’s finally available on my iPhone, I can upload images to Instagram too!

If you’re looking to some serious next level stuff on Instagram then you need to try this app out!

This #puglife image that I posted on Instagram last week was something that literally took me 2 minutes to put capture and edit— from start to finish.

I cannot stress to you how great this app is!

So, if you’re looking for a free image creating and editing app that is super easy-to-use on your iPhone or iPad, then you better not sleep on Canva.

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