Why do we like to dance?

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As a DJ, it’s important for me to understand what songs will (and won’t) get you out of your seats and dancing. So in order for me to be successful at my job, I have to be able to answer one question — why do humans like dancing so much?

You see, music is considered to be one of the most stimulating pleasures that rewards different areas in your brain. Once your mind is able to find the pulse of the rhythm, you might start bobbing your head or tapping your foot. As the repetition of the beat becomes more familiar, your brain starts telling your body to get up boogie. Before you know it, you’re out on the dance floor shaking what your momma gave you!

Another factor that helps you get in the mood to dance is that we -as humans- tend to function with a mob mentality, meaning that we can be influenced by our peers and others in the room simply just by mimicking their actions. If you see that the majority of the guests at a wedding are out on the dance floor, then you’re a lot more likely to join everyone out there.

Let’s just say that the DJ’s playing ‘Gangnam Style’ by PSY and even though you think this song is stupid and annoying, if you see others on the dance floor dancing and smiling to it, you might be more convinced to partake in the fun activity.

The right song could also put you into a dance-y mood and serve as an uplifting spark if it has the perfect mix of chords, vocals and lyrics. Catchy tunes tend to get stuck in your heard, like earworms, and regardless of if you love it or hate it, you just might not be able to resist dancing to it.

You might notice the DJ is asking for more people to come to the dance floor because sometimes we all just need a little friendly encouragement too. They’ll use convincing action statements that will be inclusive to the attendees in a very inviting tone of voice. Some DJ’s might even step out from behind the booth to join the parties on the dance floor.

So if you’re hitting the downtown clubs on a Friday night or attending an out of town wedding on a Saturday, this is simply all you’ll need to turn yourself into a dancing machine. Don’t be afraid to lose yourself in the moment by appreciating these joyous occasions that sporadically happen in our lives.

Dancing truly is the best way to celebrate!

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