Deadly Dance Moves

Death, an inescapable destination for all, barring any groundbreaking medical / technological breakthrough that would allow for immortality. The very thought of this dreaded exit is most likely the impetus for most organized religions. Constructing an afterlife provides a respite, frolicking in some ephemeral space with your deceased loved ones is definitely a more desirable prospect than serving up your unconscious, broken, dilapidated body as a delicatessen to the earthworms. We desperately want to believe that there has to be more after its all over. 😬

But what if we discovered our inevitable demise was in fact vermin jerky? Would the morally righteous behaviors of religious do-gooders designed to appease a celestial judge cease to continue? It’s my contention that most would chalk it up to a “that sucks” and continue life business as usual. But perhaps there would be a subsection of the moderate to ultra religious who would hurriedly throw up their proverbial catholic school girl dresses and go to town ruthlessly engaging in the debauchery and indulgences they thought were once punishable by Ezekiel’s thunder bolt. Finally liberated, unrepressed, and free to unearth the joyous mysteries of their bodies in a guilt-free manner. Ahh, such a sigh of relief. 🙃

Frankly, if aliens, or some advanced civilization came forth with information that this earthly journey is my last hurrah and nothing further awaited, I’m pretty certain my moral compass wouldn’t drastically change. I’ve always tended think why not just be a good person because it just feels right? And, why deprive yourself of the pleasures in life if they don’t derail your goals or hurt other people? Whether we materialize into compost or cloud walkers, just be cool dude. 😎

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