Hi, my name is Derrick. I’m 36 years old and itching to do something creative. It doesn’t need to be a lucrative money making venture although that would be nice. I want to leave an imprint. I can’t stand the thought of being another blurry, blended in, blasé automaton. Just a few weeks ago, I was ready to penny pinch my way to financial independence and accept my fate as a 40 hr a week do do-gooder, but I realized playing things completely safe may just drive me clinically insane. I’ve been researching the myriad of brave souls who have taken the plunge into entrepreneurship; online marketing geniuses, house-flippers, and product branders. Today I was inundating my head with a podcast that focused on making passive streams of income. The idea of passive income becoming a reality seems achievable but I know it would require me to leave my comfort zone and put in some serious work. Even if anendeavor fails, at least I know that I gave it a shot. The vast majority of people accept their fate, but I just can’t contently let life pass me by knowing that I have so much more to offer. I gotta do something.