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Derrick Carter

The American Civil War Was Not Initially About Slavery (Until President Lincoln made it about slavery)

Here are some hard FACTS that ALL sides of this issue MUST understand.

The American Civil War began in April of 1861, when the Southern Confederate States (Under the first Constitution of the American Republic, The Articles of Confederation) Refused to be annexed by and subjugated by the United States Military Fascist Government. Period. THIS IS THE INITIAL CAUSE OF THE WAR.

Both the North and the South practiced slavery. Period

President Lincoln stated upon numerous occasions that he would never free the slaves, in fact he stated he did not have that power many times.

In our Public slave programming school systems we (the modern debt slaves) are NOT taught about the Articles of Confederation, as well as the fact that America had over a dozen Presidents prior to Washington. Washington was the first President of the United States Military Government that was a “Temporary” government over Territories owned by the several states. Washington was NEVER a President of the American REPUBLIC. Washington was NOT elected until 1789 AFTER the Northwest Ordinance of 1784–87 was written. The Northwest Ordinance CREATED the United States military government!, as a TEMPORARY government.

America The Republic fought for Independence as a REPUBLIC under the Articles of Confederation, and under a President of the Republic which was NOT Washington.

Now back to the Dictator Lincoln. The North was losing the war to the South, and during the time of 1882 or so, the Europeans had started to petition the two side to begin peace talks and to settle the matter by splitting into two peaceful Nations, much how Europe is all cut up into separate Nations.

As the War progressed, the outcry from the international community was getting louder and louder. And as the South was winning the War, many international heads of state were now inclined to officially recognize the Confederate States of America as a Nation on par with the world’s family of Nations. Period. Fact.

The Dictator Lincoln, could not allow this to happen as he knew that if the South were to gain international recognition the United States Military Government would fail.

Lincoln and his advisors concocted a devious plan to tear the South apart from inside, and in doing so we Americans are STILL living through this class division that STILL rips at us Americans today.

We can thank the Dictator Lincoln for ALL the social strife we are suffering under, including the racism that still tears us apart.

The Dictator Lincoln decided to “Free the Slaves”, and as we Americans all are taught in our Public Slave programming school system that this was our greatest moment, BUT was it?

You see, our horrible school systems lie to our children through Omission. Do you know what that means? It means that someone will tell you the truth But only the parts of the truth that they WANT you to know, because IF they told you ALL the truth, well things would be much different and you would not bend to their secret agenda. Folks, this is called many things but it is mind control.

The Dictator Lincoln gave the Emancipation Proclamation on January 1st, 1863, almost a full two years AFTER the start of the American Civil War. So, IF the Civil war was ONLY about slavery, “why didn’t Lincoln free the slaves PRIOR to the beginning of the war? Did you get that?

Well, while you are thinking about that, let’s get back to this so-called Emancipation Proclamation.

The Dictator Lincoln DID NOT FREE ALL THE SLAVES! Lincoln ONLY freed the slaves of the South he did NOT Free the slaves of the North! FACT.

In addition Lincoln did NOT free the slaves of Virginia! Why? Was not Richmond Virginia the Capital of the Confederacy?

Here is a quote from that devilish document. The proclamation declared “that all persons held as slaves” within the rebellious states “are, and henceforward shall be free.”

The Dictator Lincoln stated afterward that “Yes the Slaves of the North should be freed, but no hurry, sometime in the future”. Sometime in the future? Really?

No, the Dictator Lincoln Freed only the Slaves of the South, because the South was still dependent upon slaves to harvest the crops and cotton that the South sold to England and France for income to support their war machine. Now keep in mind here that the South already were making preparations to free the slaves and as can be seen in Section 9 of the Confederate States of America’s Constitution they purposely made it Illegal and expressly forbid the trafficking in African Slaves. Now, I ask you, whu would the South put that Section in their Constitution if the ONLY point of contention was slavery?

No, the Dictator Lincoln freed only the southern slaves to cause an internal strife within the South, so that the North could start winning a war that the North Military Fascist government started to perform a hostile takeover of the American Republic. Period. Fact.

Thank You Mr. Lincoln for being the father of racism, and hatred, and division.

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