A Response to Why Millennials Keep Dumping You
Chris M. Hooker

Which came from, chicken or egg? Understanding or Condescension? Why Context Matters!

I must admit this response to a major actual problem facing the job market now and for years to come was quite weak.

Millennials are no more selfish or “me” oriented than previous generations, with one exception. Millennials are on the cusp of a major labor force evolution, on that finds millions of young, working, and action-ready adults with large amounts of debt, socio-economic anxiety, and the whole world blaming them for them things largely outside of their control.

Innovation and globalization is what causes a generation raised to “take over the world” to feel the world is not working with them as they aim to achieve their dreams. Yet still, naive “mouthpieces”, usually those of another generation, the “anti-me generations” (lol), comment on these major trends as if they are a blip on the radar.

Gen-X and older millennials (Gen-X adjacent) suffer from what I call “Prince Charles Syndrome”; he’s waited over 65 years (and counting) for the literal “ONE JOB” he has. Unfortunately for Prince Charles and older generations is that while the job title hasn’t changed, the context in which those jobs exist has drastically changed. So, which came first “chicken or egg”? The answer is that the environment (context) makes that call.