Lifehack your future

Imagine the lifestyle you always dreamed of. Do you really want it? If you are convinced you do, and you believe in yourself, here is how to become that lifestyle.

Step One — Groom your news feed

The first step is to begin filling your brain-space with material related to your chosen lifestyle and limit distractions from it. Double check what information enters, and remains, in your mind: Stop reading about politics if you don’t want a politician’s lifestyle. Do read about art if you wish to have an artist’s lifestyle.

Groom relevant material: follow inspirational people (that are part of the lifestyle community of your choice) on Twitter. “Like” Facebook pages related to the lifestyle.

Conversely, prune irrelevant material from your feeds.

There is no need to be completely single-minded, and remove everything irrelevant to your choice from your feed, just ensure the majority of information is relevant. We are what we consume.

Start to organise (categorise and tag) the material in a way that makes sense to you.

Step Two — Join the Community

Now that you are informed about the lifestyle, start contributing to it. Engage with other members of the same lifestyle choice, online or offline. Post to forums, start and maintain a blog. Join in. Give back. Share.

Step Three — Make it your business

Once you begin contributing and a network builds, opportunities will start to present themselves. Start to consider your role in this lifestyle, how can you contribute.

Build a business based on your role this community. Turn your blog into a magazine. Create events. Add a shop to your magazine. Offer services. Coach. Create products. Build.


There is no step four, that I can think of. Once you are involved in the lifestyle, and your daily activity is mainly related to that lifestyle — you are that lifestyle. Consider your activity like gravity, the weight of your contribution pulls more of the lifestyle towards you.

Be warned however, the lifestyle may not be as we imagine it. But that’s beside the point I think.