Derry Birkett
Feb 3, 2017 · 2 min read

I think many people still don’t get the exponential power of what Slack represents: What Preslav presciently describes above is a flavour of what an open IM platform can do for people. It’s not simply a messaging chat, we can get the weather posted to us, pieces of intel that are relevent to our lives, push and pull data into and out of our services (like creating/deleting tasks) in a natural language interface we are all comfortable with.

Slack is *the* intermediary interface into all our digital resources. In one place. Why would I go to twitter to read tweets when I already have Slack open. I could RT from slack. I could push a tweet to facebook, or evernote. I could pull an Instagram of my #foodie hashtags into my foodie channel, have a Google machine learning tool run an image scan on the pictures which then integrates with a nutrition platform and offers me a probability of heart failure if I don’t switch from Burger King to Salad King…

With / (slash) commands I can communicate in a natural language to all my favourite services: Why would I go clicking around a website when I could /shop medium white t-shirts and have Slack present me with some options to choose from; no fuss, just add qty to the ones you want and your account is charged, the t-shirts are on their way. Who needs websites?

If you have coding chops you can even write your own slack bots: I wrote a job search robot that offers me jobs.

Anyone else got an Slack tips/bots/integrations like Preslav?

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