The domain name market has become a cartel. With thousands of new domain extensions, I guess we all expected prices to go down. But the opposite has happened. is available (apparently) in GoDaddy Euros for a measly 126,100.13€ (one hundred and twenty-six thousand, one hundred euros, and thirteen cents). In GoDaddy Dollars the price is $129,999.99 (or 116,619.61 euros according to — at the time of writing: Arbitrage here of 9480.53 euros, a.k.a “idiots fee”). Even the GoDaddy price doesn’t seem to be fixed but varies- so I won’t dig deeper here, everyone is entitled to some money making I guess.

Does this mean Adobe (the current owners it seems through will really sell this domain for that price? I wonder if I buy it and put a googleAdSense all over it how long would it take to get my money back? is also available for the paupers sum of 63.050,13 € (large number and thirteen cents). A GoDaddy premium domain is explained as one that is “ more valuable than other domains because they are based on common words or phrases people often use in their online searches “. This was always the case, even for domains, but there was no “premium” unless somebody already owned the domain and was reselling it.

There was a pre-registration phase, which, by itself, is circumspect of an unlevel playing field. The pre-reg in itself was also half-locked down, which priviledges and preferences here and there.

The .cloud domain has just been released. I don’t understand this arbitrary price-point. Was there an auction? Is this a marketplace?

I don’t intend to look under the carpet, I have better things to do — but at first glance, it smells distinctly “fishy”. If anyone knows this seemingly opaque process is not so, please let me know so I sleep better.

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