Back to School

Devin Finneran
Sep 7, 2015 · 2 min read

So tomorrow is my first day back in college after my year leave of absence, that means that today is Black Monday, a day for pints in the bar! The last time I attended a class was way back in March 2014 so it’s been a while and I believe it’s a good thing that I have positioned myself front and centre in the library in front of the lake to ease myself in.

I’m heading into the final year of my Animal Science — Equine degree in UCD and I’m not sure if I would ever choose to wish the time away as I would previously have imagined I would, even if I don’t like my course. Many friends of mine have graduated over the past two years and I find it hard to stop them often speaking about how great it was to be in college with a somewhat carefree existence. They also ensure to remind me regularly that if I blink for too long it will be over and I will regret it when I enter the dreaded ‘real world’.

Job seeking, paying lots of taxes, making dentist appointments and renewing insurance without reminders are all part of being a grown up and I’m glad I haven’t reached that point in my life as of yet. I’ll gladly be known as the baby for a little while longer thank you.

I have a LOT of thinking to do. If this wondrous epiphany that I long for didn’t occur on our adventure to Mongolia then when will it ever happen or will it even happen? Maybe I have managed to somehow drift off into Neverland without even noticing and am currently living in a parallel universe where I will not age but instead continuously relive the past…hah, if only.

So this is it, here I go, this is the year that my parents have patiently been waiting on. I will, for now and forever after, hold the title of being the first out of my mothers immediate family to grace a University or even a third level of education. They are waiting to see what I will make of this magical piece of paper when I hopefully receive it last week — twelve months. And who knows what could come next? Things haven’t gone exactly to plan as of yet and I don’t anticipate them doing so anytime soon. A series of unfortunate events have led me here, but then again, I’m not sure they were unfortunate either.

Only time will tell. Let’s just hope I don’t get sucked in and end up like this dude.

Devin Finneran

Written by

@HardlyFlawless 23, from Boyle, Co. Roscommon, Graduate from University College Dublin. Events | Travel | Music.

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