Sunday Funday

Definition: By celebrating a “Sunday Funday” you can extend your weekend festivities just a little longer before the end of the weekend. This day typically starts out with drinks shortly after you wake up, aka hair of the dog. Drinks then typically continue flowing throughout the day until you find yourself wasted by about 6:30ish. Since the “Funday” ends early enough, this means you will be in bed early enough to be perfectly refreshed for work on Monday morning, often hangover free.

So Saturday night started out with having a few drinks before heading into what must be the first of many friends’ engagement parties to come.

Café En Seine was buzzing and as well as the guests enjoying it, the newly engaged couple had a great night too, success! It was after 4am when we got home, which took us a long while to get our heads around as time seemed to go too fast. Turned out it was daylight savings weekend and as we all know, you ‘spring forward and fall back’.

On Sunday morning we rounded up the troops and attempted to make plans, it took a while but we got there! After finally getting Feargal out of bed and into action, food was first on the agenda. When Eoghan got home from dropping his father to the airport he offered his chauffeur services to our chosen brunch destination, The Old Spot in Ballsbridge. A hungover emotional rollercoaster unfolded. After reading the menu and realising it was expensive in comparison to what we students were used to and that we hadn’t read it previously before making plans, Feargal suggested two options:

  1. State that we were looking for a more ‘brunchy’ menu with eggs etc.
  2. Bear the price and grin.
Laura and I thought we were cheating the system ordering ‘chicken for two’. We didn’t.

We decided on the latter and just as we ordered another couple decided on the first option, immediately our stomachs dropped. Dinner was delicious, yet the menu was confusing even after clarification, Laura and I would rather not disclose the price we paid for the chicken pictured above.

Bags of cans were next on the agenda, as was an impromptu roadtrip to Glendalough, there was literally no time to invite anyone else, we had to be there. It turned out to be a beautiful day and with great tunes on the radio, we embarked on our journey, cans in hand of course.

We arrived and were slightly overwhelmed by the amount of activity choices we had, which mostly included different walking trails. We kindly declined, instead opting for sitting on a bench, about 50m away from the parked space wagon, for which we spent over an hour contemplating life and drinking cans from our pockets.

There was one difficulty which we had to overcome. When you drink a lot of liquids you need to go to the bathroom, a lot. Luckily we remembered the local hotel, the first of many pitstops, where Laura insisted on playing the piano to the waiters amusement. Cans were now running low by now, which we realised in the middle of the mountains where we decided to reroute and head towards Jonnie Foxes. Many a sing song was had on our travels, two special highlights being ‘Sugar — Maroon 5’ and ‘Uptown Funk — Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars’.

We stopped many times after this and somewhere in the middle Laura gasped ‘It looks like Mayo!’, and by god it did, we were well and truly in the back arse of nowhere at this stage! As we journeyed deeper into the mountains of course the likelihood of us finding actual toilets would lessen. We came across a sign for a golf course and it felt like we had struck gold — the hut was left open for members of the club (we assume) and given that it was in the middle of nowhere, leaving doors unlocked probably never led to any problems, it was a godsend covered in plywood and full of daffodils.

We finally descended, but instead of ending up at Jonnie Foxes we ended up in Tallaght, which led to another detour — picking up Conor, and then John, who for the earlier part of the day chose to wallow in their hangovers. It was dark by the time we were on the road again but we finally made it to our destination for some dinner, chats and some drinks. As it neared 10pm we decided it may be time to call it a day, we retreated down the hills and dropped everyone home to their respective houses.

In bed for 11:30pm, successful Sunday Funday if you ask me.

Special shoutout to Eoghan Nelly Murphy who kindly was the designated driver on our fun filled day of activities.

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