There are plenty of would-be writers working as accountants right now.
Brian Geddes

there is only one solution to this problem. since Art has no objective criteria of quality to be met (unlike certifiable professions like surgeons and accountants), we all should simply agree to a tithe which would be paid out, no questions asked, to anyone any who claims themselves to be an artist, forever, as long as they stick to the claim.

and no, this isn’t reduction to absurd. this is actually what «basic income» would mean.

and since it’s impossible to pay substantial wages to infinite number of applicants this way, we should also probably hold some writer slam or painter battle royale for all them artists so we’d know who deserves better. not really different from today’s situation, except nobody is probably starving (unless they trade their food for coke, and I’m not even making this up, actual poverty prevention programs resulted in this)

basically, we’re where we started. surprisingly, art isn’t even in the equation. pro-basic income argument doesn’t include art. if you claim yourself an artist, in a society on basic income, you will still have to climb to a semblance of fame (and, hopefully, real money and not foodstamps).

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