Hi! I’m one of Embox RTOS developers, and in this article I’ll tell you about one of the typical problems in the world of embedded systems and how we were solving it.

Stating the problem

Control and responsibility is a key point for a wide range of embedded systems. On the one hand, sensors and detectors must notify some other devices that some event occurred, on the other hand, other systems should react as soon as possible. Examples of such systems include CNC, vehicle control, avionics, distributed sensor systems and lot of others.

At the same time, it’s really hard to develop bare-metal…

Where to begin

Unluckily, there are not so many resources to tell about it without tons of technical details (even osdev.org wiki doesn’t have any page for MMC on the 7-th Dec 2019), so I decided to create such article on my own. I hope it will help you to implement your own MMC subsystem or some MMC driver (or just become more familiar with MMC subsystem).

All stuff written here is based on my experience with Embox RTOS where I implemented a couple of memory card drivers:

  • PL181

Inspecting Linux or u-boot source is a good option, but it can be…

Aarch64 is ARM’s 64-bit architecture (sometimes it’s called arm64). In this article I’ll cover basic differences between Aarch64 and ARM and which parts of the operating system need to be rewritten.

It’s not a detailed guide; it’s more like a review of how this new architecture feels after working with “old” ARM systems. It’s all based on my experience with Embox, which I ported to Aarch64 recently. …

In this article I’ll tell how I got OpenCV application running on STM32746G-Discovery and STM32F769I-Discovery. If you want just a brief instruction how to reproduce it, head to corresponding wiki page on Github.

OpenCV example (Canny edges filter) on STM32769G-Discovery board

I’m one of Embox developers. This RTOS allows to run some “heavy” Linux software (QT, OpenGL, PJSIP, etc.) without Linux kernel (i.e. you need far less resources and get more direct control over peripherals). …

Денис Дерюгин

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