Why Women Earn Less, In Their Own Words
Ester Bloom

I just went through a salary negotiation for an internal move at my current employer and that is some tough stuff! It was my first time hustling for money where I actually had relationships at stake, vs. negotiating with virtual strangers who I may not cross paths with again. I am making a lateral move with a sweeter title (“Manager of blah blah” instead of “Super Duper Analyst of whatever”) and more responsibility, but company policy is that lateral moves get no salary revision. Not even if there is a competing offer from another company (which there was). I pushed pretty hard, in the most objective and polite ways I could, and my new director advocated for a raise, but HR wouldn’t budge. I think there is still upside to negotiating even if you don’t get what you seek. I showed my ability to make a compelling case, to be bold in asking for more, and to be pushy without compromising the relationship — all things my new director probably wants out of someone whose role requires them to squeeze very skilled negotiators. And I also feel like every time a woman negotiates, it chips away at the walls holding back other ladies from being taken seriously in future negotiations.

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