You have to be kidding me.
Agustin Markarian

I voted for Bernie in the primaries and voted fir Hillary in the election but I wasn’t one of those progressives who took a big shit on her either and believed every theory told to me. Clinton isn’t perfect and no politician is but the truth is there was a legit shot to end the tea party movement, the far right with this election and if more Democrats got behind Hillary instead of treating her like the devil we wouldn’t have to worry about Trump and possible civil rights violations. Clinton was a damn good candidate who was more than qualified enough to be a President, does that mean we should be cheerleaders? No but that doesn’t mean sit and entertain the constant bullshit rhetoric about her either. We can place blame on a number of factors but the lack of turnout is on liberal voters and don’t get me started voting for a guy like Gary Johnson who goes against the very principles of progressives.