Democrats can’t have both
Brooke Butler

The thing is that the white working class hasn’t been ignored, it’s a talking point that’s overstated. Apart of me agrees and disagrees I think there are those within that demographic who are indeed racist, blame minorities for their lack of employment and turn to a guy like Trump who says he has all the answers. Similar to Nixon in 68' it’s not about issues or even a plan. Because if it was Clinton would be in the office, her economic plan was a lot more working class friendly than Trump’s. But the white working class continuously votes against it’s self-interest. I see it in NC when the GOP continually controls the house and senate and the state continually loses revenue and jobs and my state taxes keep rising.

The Democrats need to realize there’s no crisis and the message itself is fine, despite what Bernie Sanders says and I voted for Bernie but he lost because his message never resonated with minority voters, it shouldn’t be a “let’s appease white working class voters and that’s it” There were a lot of voters wo voted this election who never have voted and never will vote again.