Power Meet 6 at Strength Training Gym in Dubai, Desert Barbell

desert Barbell
Feb 4, 2019 · 1 min read

Desert Barbell, home to Dubai’s premier strength training community, is holding the next Power Meet competition in April 2019!

This event is organized by Desert Barbell, which is a strength training gym in Dubai that is renowned for the community that it has. The last Power Meet 5, had over 100 competitors in the competition, including 24 female competitors!

With attendees expected to attend from all across the middle east, they will be competing in three basic movements.


The Bench Press is one of the most important upper body exercises in human movement. Building upper body muscular strength, this is an awesome exercise that is surprisingly complex. Bodybuilding.com has a great general overview of the movement including a guide on how to benchpress properly.


The squat is known universally as a compound movement that is a full body exercise training primarily the thigh, hip, buttock, quad and hamstrings, as well as strengthening the bones, ligaments and insertion of the tendons throughout the lower body.


Known as the king of mass gaining exercises, the deadlift is hugely important in building muscle in the upper or lower body. The squat ranks highly as one of the best muscle/strength building exercises, furthermore the deadlift will strengthen the entire back and it’s surrounding muscles, making it a great rehabilitative exercise.

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