Birds and Arrows | LOS CINCOS

‘Los Cincos’ is a brief five question interview answered by each artist I feature about what places they like to eat, drink, music they listen to and more!

This October our featured artist was Birds and Arrows who have just released their new record ‘Arbitrary Magic’!


1. Favorite local AZ spots to drink?
Che’s for sure, St. Charles, Borderlands and Tap and Bottle and Westbound
2. Favorite AZ spots to eat?
Tania’s 33, Seis in Mercado, Tall Boys, and Brooklyn Pizza
3. Favorite spots to see or play live music anywhere in the world?
Wow, this is a tough one…. We are partial to cool dives and unique venues more than anything….like this place called The Cave in Chapel Hill, NC or The Tree Bar in Columbus, OH, Bertha’s Mussels in Fells Point Baltimore is wonderful and has amazing character.
Some new faves… Che’s here in Tucson, The Quarry in Bisbee, And The Redwood in Los Angeles, and of course Club Congress as well (but that doesn’t really fit our seedy dive theme ;) Oh, and Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro…shout out to my peeps there :)
4. Favorite places to visit outside the AZ urban cityscape?
Coastal California…camping on the beach! Camping anywhere deep in the desert! (both Sonoran and Mojave) Joshua Tree. Pretty much anywhere out west where we can pull up our van and camp.
5. Favorite groups you’re listening to currently? And why?
Ok, so currently we’ve been inspired by all kinds of things old and new…..but, the common theme are bands with pure, raw energy!
Like for example we’re rediscovering some great 80’s punk and post punk. Like Toy Dolls and Oingo Boingo, early Divinyls and Public Image Limited and weird 80’s King Crimson. New LA stuff like Starcrawler, Death Valley Girls, and our friends The Love Language’s new album is awesome! Also, our good friends Weekend Lovers here in Tucson just put out an awesome new EP that we have in rotation. And we saw this local Tucson band last weekend called T.W.G.S. and it was really inspiring too. the energy in this scene is real….lots of great music going on here! :)

Check out my previous posts reviewing their full album ‘Arbitrary Magic’, or their music video featuring the song ‘Overloaded’ below:

The new music video and song ‘Overloaded’ by Birds and Arrows is dauntless, playful, and organic!

Birds and Arrows’ new album ‘Arbitrary Magic’ is an unyielding alt-rock smorgasbord of clever hooks, and eurythmic rock ’n’ roll!

Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 14 years. Connect with him at: