Golden BooTs : LOS CINCOS

‘Los Cincos’ is a brief five question interview answered by each artist I feature about what places they like to eat, drink, music they listen to and more!

This April our featured artist was Golden BooTs who have just released the new record H.A.L.T.!


1. Favorite local AZ spots to drink?
In general we consider Che’s Lounge on 4th Ave in Tucson to be our satellite office and prime decision making area.
Another fine watering hole is the Dusty Monk tucked inside walls of Old Town Artisans(Tucson); great ambiance, bumper pool, and service; ask for Don and tell’m “Golden Boots sent ya”. You can often find us there on Tuesdays after our weekly radio broadcast on Downtown Radio(
People often ask us about where tidypaws like to get his chai. The answer is easy: Fire Creek Coffee Co. in route 66 in Flagstaff has the finest.
And finally we would be remiss not to mention Tap & Bottle(Tucson); go to for take out beers and a great place to play.
2. Favorite AZ spots to eat?
Lets let tidypaws answer this one, Tuttie’s American Club in Safford- say “hi” to Patti and Art if you go! If you’ve had one or two beyond your limit, ask Art for one of his signature haircuts! Also Rix’s Tavern in Wilcox- great “U-Cook-Em” steaks. You’ll get a good laugh at some of the humorous signs that dot the place.
3. Favorite spots to see or play live music anywhere in the world?
Our favorite place to play in the world is Les Flesselles in Nantes, France. They’ve treated us like family. The Nantes runner-up is the wild and rompus Chien Stupide. Here in AZ we love the Valley Bar in Phoenix. They really know how to take care of their performers.
4. Favorite places to visit outside the AZ urban cityscape?
We had a fine experience visiting Arcosanti, in Mayer, AZ. We really look forward to going back when its finished, we hope its soon.
And speaking of experiments in the desert the Biosphere 2 is well worth the trip.
5. Favorite groups you’re listening to currently? And why?
We recommend checking out “Happy Plaza” by Phoenix’s Gene Tripp. Its been described as “downer experimental country” music. We’d be hard pressed to find a better description for this incredible music.
Check out anything put out by the wildly eclectic Tucson based label, Baby Tooth Records. Currently we’ve been digging their releases by, The Wanda Junes, HOSTXESS, and the ineffable Karima Walker.

Check out my previous posts reviewing their full album H.A.L.T.! or their music video ‘Ghosts’ below:

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The album H.A.L.T. by Golden BooTs is a psychedelic desert rock masterpiece!

Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 13 years. Connect with him at: