Golden Boots’ music video ‘Ghosts’ boasts a charming and ironic surrealism

Launching with the hypnotic imagery of the stars and filtered video this lo-fi entrancing piece is married perfectly with song choice and delivery.

The band members themselves are dressed as ghostly figures playing in a haunted band, and the lyrics are brilliantly crafted saying “There was a ghost inside his house / but he thought the outside world was haunted”.

As the video steps forward in the story old photos have ghost-like white oil paint appearing over their outlines, seeming to chip away at their captured characterizations. Through a live art homage every human figure that appears is turned into a ghost. The time needed to pull off this effect is definitely appreciated as it’s harmony with the story and song is poignant to me.

I particularly love the guitar work in this song. All the bends, tremolos, and reverb soaks the song in a dreamlike soundscape.

The video gets playful and dark at the same time when skulls start flying down stone awnings at you while the voice comes in to say “But it’s hard to enjoy the company / when they’re sitting round and eating you for dinner”.

Perhaps my favorite part of the video was when there was a old film shot of a man jumping ground gleefully playing a small guitar will rain dripping on his window!

In the end, after the lyrics curve the story of this ghost around a bit more you realize it’s a tale of his ghostly house burning down.

I have to say this video is captivating in a way that the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour pulls you in. It’s more heavy on the surreal than the psychodelic in my opinion, of course.

Like a Dr. Dog of the southwest these gentlemen have been performing for 15 years and are soon going to be hitting the road in global fashion. I hear in May they will be traveling through Germany and France with Gene Trip so connect with them immediately and listen along to their newest release, H.A.L.T. (2016) or any of their great catalog below. I can’t wait to myself for the next feature!

Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 13 years. Connect with him at: