Grey Fidelity by Tow’rs is the most entrancing album I’ve heard this year!

Desert Noise
Mar 25, 2017 · 4 min read

As a songwriter myself I have a true admiration for arrangement and overall musical beauty. Tow’rs music is one of the most beautiful I’ve heard to date. Discovering them has truly given me a new perspective on the music across Arizona.

The album Grey Fidelity opens with a mesmerizing cello pulse that grows the first track ‘Girl in Calico’ to a subtle, but powerful introduction to what the listener will be experiencing. My favorite line is ‘You still laugh/talk of the past/and I’ll contrast these changes’.

Kyle Miller the lead male voice of the group seems like he’s only beginning to show the depth and intimacy he’s probably spent years developing with his lyrical poetry and melodic control.

‘Revere’ shows a true appreciation for the grandeur of the natural world while asking a spiritual question of the acknowledgement of dualism in living life’s journey. The movement and arrangement continues in a symphonic syncopation.

As the next track ‘Alright’ takes over the audio caravan you hear the sweet guitar and vocal duet introduction that makes you imagine a truly honest western love and realistic perspective on the struggle it can be as a constant changing individual within that partnership.

‘Gold Parade’ is so poignant to me and broad that I find it hard to really define the full spectrum of the song’s message. The complexity of the lyrical process for Kyle and Gretta Miller really intertwines here, and I start to think that the relationship between the two voices in the song is so tightly woven that the imagery and diction is much more personal. I could probably reach down and find about 10 different meanings of what I think this song is about, but I doubt I would get close. It really makes me want to leave on a trip with my lady without a destination if I can speak to what it’s saying to me.

‘Liminal’ means to occupy a position at or on both sides of a threshold. I have to mention that the instrumental organization of this piece was the most interesting I’d heard since the album began. It is my belief that Emma Crislip, Kyle Keller, and Ryan Smith must have a dynamite chemistry as an instrumental section.

‘When I’m Silent’ continues along lines of entrancing fancy until ‘Consolation’ brings the biggest groove the record has revealed. This is by far my favorite track. It just feels classic and almost like an indie-hop trip. They manage to keep the beauty intertwined with the cello filling the melodic structure from underneath, but the dynamism and variation in this piece feels like a bigger territory. I could see the sound from this group performing easily on a bill with the indie explosion sensation Young The Giant. It ends too soon, but maybe I just like it too much.

‘Going’ keeps the same groove as the preceding track and Gretta’s voice comes through stronger than anywhere else on the record. “Kill the monsters in your memory” has a personal hit towards my own relativity to my own life.

‘Revelator Man’ and ‘Holy Water’ speak more to the band’s spiritual commitments and somewhat idealogical thoughts. Some might at this point want to brand them as a sacred or christian music group, but I believe this is a snapshot of a perspective that keeps them true to everything they are. These two tracks shine with a personal and enriching perspective as another chapter of their development as artists.

The final track ‘I Can’t Help Myself’ feels like an farewell anthem that aligns with the emotional roller coaster many of us ride in this life. The live performance of this track I imagine could get a whole crowd chanting.

The brilliance of Tow’rs has proven to be a constant burning musical energy that sways you through each masterpiece on their record ‘Grey Fidelity’. I have my own beliefs that their audience is going to grow much more rapidly as their music spreads across the world.

I encourage you to go grab their music on iTunes and Spotify like yesterday!

Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 13 years. Connect with him at: