Jillian and The Giants’ new album ‘Mr. Airplane’ is the sultry side of indie rock you’ve been waiting for!

This album kicks off with the groove-heavy track ‘Window’. This piece is flat out sexy, and raw. Jillian, Chris, Paul, and Julius have such a tight chemistry in this song that I can almost imagine I’m there, live, watching them perform. The guitar solo rips hot, and the rhythm section with Jillian’s vocals are reminiscent to me of the rising group Lake Street Dive. My favorite line from this song is “gotta cast a wide net / baby I’m a good bet / I can give you what you want”.

‘Rodeo Palms’ speaks next to a dreamy alt-rock sensibility. Though I wouldn’t typically bring out a ballad track like this as track 2, the charm of this song grows on you as it develops. It’s very possible that this was completely intentional as I know the next track keeps the chill indie folk vibe. I particularly like the harmonies in this track along with the imagery of someone climbing a ladder to the moon. I love cosmic storytelling!

‘Lark’ is kind of brilliant. So a lark is the name of a small ground dwelling song bird that delivers its songs in flight. A lark is also a mischievous or daring adventure or escapade. As you move forward in the song, the contrasts being made in the lyrics make the diction of this piece the most powerful on the record thus far. It’s such a creative and again sultry way to talk about a relationship experience. Jillian’s voice is also quite timeless on this one.

‘Chicago’ is the most beautiful song. This one definitely sounds like it could be in a great romance movie. Jillian has, up until this point the record had the piano or keyboard on each track, but I really loved the sound of her voice without it on this one. I’d also be interested to know if she is the primary songwriter for this group or if it is a shared experience. The variation between her stories definitely shows a depth.

‘My Baby’ establishes a return to the sultry and seductive groove we heard at the start of this album. This song showcases a lot of Chris Callahan who sounds extremely comfortable flashing his guitar runs across the delicious backing grooves. This track was giving me some real Portishead vibes!

‘I Don’t Know My Name’ is a melancholy song. I feel like this song resonates with a large demographic of the searching kind. It also can be said that many have probably felt this feeling more than once in their lives.

‘White Knuckle’ is my favorite song on this record. I love all the vocal harmonies and chants throughout this track. I also dig the simplicity of the arrangement. It feels like a soundtrack to a dramatic and slow moment that could be happening in anyone’s life. I definitely enjoy its haunting elements.

‘Mr. Airplane’ is a charming and dreamy story. It’s surreal, it’s poignant, and and truly unique. It really is the perfect stamp to the end of this great album by the local AZ group Jillian and The Giants.

I’m anxious to hear more from this group, especially with this much imagination, talent, and creativity. Get their record now, below at CD baby!!


Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 13 years. Connect with him at: