Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra : LOS CINCOS

‘Los Cincos’ is a brief five question interview answered by each artist I feature about what places they like to eat, drink, music they listen to and more!

This February our featured artist was Phoenix Afrobeat Orchestra who have just released the new record ‘PAO’!


1. Favorite local AZ spots to drink?
Valley Bar, Melinda’s Alley, Bitter and Twisted, The Womack
2. Favorite AZ spots to eat?
The Coronado, Crescent Ballroom, Baiz Market, Sosoba
3. Favorite spots to see or play live music anywhere in the world?
New Orleans, Copenhagen (Denmark), Los Angeles, NYC
4. Favorite places to visit outside the AZ urban cityscape?
Arcosanti, Camelback Mountain, Superstition Mountains, Tonto Natural Bridge
5. Favorite groups you’re listening to currently? And why?
William Onyeabor, King Sunny Ade, Bad Bad Not Good, Ebo Taylor …
Cause they’re funky as all getout and one needs a healthy amount of funk in one’s life.

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Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 13 years. Connect with him at: