The new music video “Killing Me” by Fairy Bones is audacious, waggish, and what America needs right now!

Fairy Bones is a band I discovered about a year ago and I immediately loved them!

Chelsey, Robert, Ben, and Matthew are dynamite performers that are frequently busy and talented. They have opened and toured with national and global acts Highly Suspect, KONGOS, Marcy Playground, and Alien Ant Farm.

This band is high energy, delightfully eccentric, and I am supremely psyched to review their new full album ‘0% Fun’!

Their newest music video “Killing Me” starts off with the full band doing a full swagger-step down a AZ alleyway, sporting their own unique styles before breaking out into a choreographed dance. That’s right! A synchronized rock ballet! A slide move even reminded me of some of the fun Will Smith videos of the 2000's.

As they brush the dirt off their shoulders and “stay cool” like the Jets in West Side Story they continue dancing down the alley, while one of my favorite lyrics of the song hits, “I got to learn to let it go / Before it ends up killing me”.

These words rang pretty loud in my head when I thought of the overabundance of crazy FB political rants, pointless media stories, and sometimes even superfluous internet stories on digital currency markets, diet plans, new consumer product lines, or whatever is filling up your limited time these days on the earth.

It’s just hard to keep up with everything, fight every battle that pops up, or even pretend we’re not all going to die and realize our existence is a small spark in the cosmic universe.

Thank Jeebus for Fairy Bones! They are keeping it real, making great music, and keeping us all a little more sane.

They work harder than many bands in the AZ scene, and it shows. Keep bringing that noise guys!

You can check out their album release show this February put on by Psyko Steve at The Crescent Ballroom. They will be joined by Doll Skin, Bear Ghost, and Paper Foxes.

Get tickets HERE:

I’ll leave you with a fun Super Bowl Commercial they made just recently that was brilliant. Coming up next is the Desert Noise full album review of “0% Fun”!


Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 14 years. Connect with him at: