Wyve’s rock album ‘Spoils of War’ is the summer soundtrack for your soul!

It’s pretty amazing to hear a band playing music this well crafted and exciting for so many types of demographic age ranges.

‘Spoils of War’ awakens my memories of drinking away the summer while watching the movie ‘Almost Famous’ with good friends. This album is just good for your soul. Let me lay it out…

“Jump Into Water” is a great lead off track that at first feels like a Jimi Hendrix riff, but then turns on a groove that takes you to a ‘Kansas’ rock band territory! With summer coming through the desert, this makes me want to hit the beach or pool immediately and barbecue me some veggie kabobs and steaks. Stay tuned for more great guitar solos from Nick Sterling too!

“Spoils of War” the title track feels more like a indie rock mix combined with the sweet melodies and energy you might remember from a huge rock band from the late 90’s, ‘Live’. I love the lyrics in this song, particularly “My junkies and thugs send their kisses and hugs and backwards love”. This has soundtrack potential, big time!

The lead in guitar for “Bad Reputation” ushers in a change of pace for the group. This song has a super fat groove, and the production of this one is very detailed. Corey, the lead singer of Wyves is a monster of a vocalist. His voice is pure rock and roll. It really shines in this song, and at this point you need to pull out your smokes and brew because you are in for a show!

“How to Build a Bomb” is the summer hit that reminds you of the greatness of rock bands like Led Zeppelin. The full ensemble really achieves a poignant uniqueness of sonic tone here. Brenden and Evan are one of the tightest sounding rhythm sections I’ve heard to date. This is my 2nd favorite song on the record.

Things slow down a little on the next track, but that sexy Wyves groove doesn’t leave at all. “Bitch Has Got Problems” is a ballad rock tune featuring saxophone. I’m so glad good rock and roll like this still thinks of instruments beyond the scope of the 4 piece. Plus, I played saxophone for years and have to give mad respect to a well placed sax solo. The best part of this song is from the snapping and chants at 3:20 to the end. Also, love that female vocalist wailing in the back. “Let the good times roll” indeed!

“Good Times” feels exactly like you are hanging down at a beach party. This track by Wyves that has one of the most creative and exciting approaches to rock and roll. Also, if you have a motorcycle this is perfect to vibe on while you are flying down the interstate!

“YA YA” has parts that sound like Jethro Tull. If this is something happening when any band writes music, that is a huge sign you are in big territory folks. This song also has the clap-happiest accompaniment you’ll hear the whole record. I bet this song is quite an interactive spectacle at live performances.

Just when I thought “School’s Out” was the only real contender for best grade school rock music, this track hits.

“School” contains ear splitting guitar solos from Nick Sterling in big fashion. It also has a funky timed-lapsed feeling breakdown towards the end, and probably one of the most interesting arrangement styles than the rest of the songs on the record. This sounds like a whole new development stage for Wyves. I can’t help, but start to think about what the next CD will hold.

“The Great Depression” is probably the sexiest song on the whole record. It also simultaneously feels like an anthem with all the vocals behind this track. It’s ironic that this song is called the Great Depression, since the whole time I was listening to it I felt the complete opposite of depressed.

“Rick Moranis (Goodbye, So Long)” is such a quarky title. It prompted me to search for this picture…

One of the most memorable actors from the 90’s, Rick Moranis, is now immortalized thanks to Wyves. This band is quite possibly one of the hippest with this to their credit now.

My favorite track is “Puppycat”. Though I’m not entirely sure of the meaning of this mashup word about two cute animals, I feel like this is the poster track for this band. It’s truly original and the broadest in scope audience-wise. It feels like home, and that we’re all in this little existence and grind together. If Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter ever do another Bill and Ted’s movie this should be the lead song on the soundtrack. If these guys start showing up in movies and shows, I would not be surprised in the least.

Wyves is an extremely talented rock band showcasing a joyful noise with equal parts passion, angst, grit and soul. This record is rock gold!

Article written by: Jacob Acosta

Jacob is a writer, producer, musician, and teacher who lives in Tucson, AZ. He has been a music professional in film, advertising, and performance for 13 years. Connect with him at: