Joint Injections Can Improve Quality of Life

Minimally invasive interventional pain medicine has come as a blessing to chronic pain sufferers. One of the most effective interventional pain treatments is injections of pain-relieving medication. Whether it is arthritis in the knee that is interfering with your life, neck pain that is stopping you from enjoying activities or any other joint pain that is making motion and function difficult, a joint injection may be just the thing you need.

Leading pain management clinics, such as DISC in Chandler AZ, offer joint injections for neck and back pain, knee and shoulder pain, hip pain, epidural steroid injections and sacroiliac joint injections.

Joint Pain Injection Action

Injections can be used to relieve pain in various sites throughout the body. Usually, joints suffer from inflammation, due to arthritis or injury. Although inflammation is your body’s natural response to aid healing, prolonged inflammation in some conditions result in chronic pain.

Joint injections, for instance, knee, neck or hip joint injections, contain a combination of a local anesthetic and steroid medication. The anesthetic works to reduce pain immediately while the steroid works towards reducing pain causing inflammation in the long term.

In some patients, one injection may be sufficient for long-term relief; but others may require several injections to experience the full benefits.

Joint Pain Injection Procedure

A joint pain injection is a fast and precise way to treat pain at its source. The target area will be cleaned and then a numbing medication is injected. An X-ray device, also known as a fluoroscope and a test injection of dye, is used to ensure that the medication is injected at the precise site.

Once that is determined, the medication is injected. The needle is removed and the site may be covered with a small bandage.

Pain Relief

Joint pain injections not only help to relieve pain, but also aid functional restoration. The patient can then obtain further relief from physical therapy. At the same time, the physical therapy and strengthening exercises can help to enhance and prolong the pain-reliving effects of the joint pain injections. This prevents the pain from recurring and reduces the likelihood of re-injury.

The pain relief obtained from the combination of injections and physical therapy can also help chronic pain patients’ dependence on medication. Tolerance and dependence are high risks associated with long term prescription medication intake and joint pain injections can prevent that to a large extent.

If you want to know more about joint pain management, call the top pain management doctors in Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert, AZ at Desert Interventional Spine Consultants at 480–838–1914. DISC is committed to providing the highest quality spine care with cutting edge interventional pain treatments and precise diagnostic tests.

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