BlockLancer ICO, Why You Should Invest

Check out this new project, , its a blockchain based job market project, once they launch you will be able to use their platform to help you find freelancing work.

Freelancers are people who work for themselves doing all types of different jobs such as writing jobs, if your a good writer someone out there right now is looking for someone like you to write an article for their website, Blocklancer will be the way that you and the owner of the website who is looking for someone to write an article for them will connect and find each other. Freelancing also includes marketing work, translations from one language to another, Proofreading and editing, pretty much any job which can be done over the internet , any online job you can think of you will be able to find on this platfrom, its for all freelancers/freelancing jobs.

The thing that makes this different than other freelancing websites out there today is that YOU wont have to pay to sign up on this site! ALL other freelancing websites on the web right now charge you monthly fees to be able to even see any of the jobs on their sites…Which makes Blocklancer UNIQUE and AWESOME, I have personally looked into freelancing webistes a while back when I was looking to become a freelancer and my girlfriend at the time was a writer so I was trying to help her find some writing jobs, and they all charge you to access their “good paying” jobs that they have, they might let you see some of the cheap jobs that don’t pay much but if you want to get a good paying freelancing job you have to sign up for a monthly plan which is ridiculous and expensive….With Blocklancer you won’t need to pay for any monthly plans or anything like that, will only have to pay once the job is done and you will barely have to pay anything….3% fee for each job is what they are going to charge to use the platform…But that fee won’t be going to a central organization…thats because this is a blockchain based platform meaning it is decentralized…MEANING that there isn’t just one big (or small) company who will be profiting from it, INSTEAD the fee will be distributed to EVERY token holder who owns blocklancer tokens, yes this is a new cryptocurrency, this is just one example of how useful cryptocurrencies and the blockchain(especially the blockchain) can be for the world today

YOU will be able to buy Blocklancer today during the ICO which is about to start, and if you own tokens you will profit from the fees that the platform charges users who use the platform to find new freelancing jobs. If you own enough tokens you could essentially not even have to work if blocklancer takes off and ends up becomming really big, the freelancing industry is HUGE its a multibillion dollar industry and if blocklancer even just gets 5% of the money which flows through the freelancing industry it will be HUGE and very profitable, so owning these tokens could be a very smart move for anyone out there looking to start working for yourself instead of working at a 9–5 job… Heck you would be even better off if you started doing freelancing jobs AND if you owned these tokens, would be getting paid from the fees that the platform charges and paid from the freelancing jobs you would be doing. So you really should look into this. I included a link at the very beginning of this article so you all can check this out if it sounds interesting to you. I am benefiting in ZERO ways from telling you about this, just thought some of my friends might like to know that this is going to be available cause I believe some of you could really benefit from this if you end up checking it out and researching it a bit. I suggest you do all your own research before investing into ANYTHING though.

Anyways, so lets recap here….NSTEAD OF THE PROFITS GOING TOWARD A BIG CORPORATION OR CENTRAL ENTITY THEY ARE PAID TO EVERYONE WHO OWNS BLOCKLANCER TOKENS!! so pretty much, you will be able to buy blocklancer tokens at a discounted price during the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) then after the ICO you could either sell them at a marked up price (sometimes after ICO’s prices go up thousands of % so you can make A LOT of money if you get involved in the right ICO which ends up being very successful after launching their platform/product) OR you can just hold onto the blocklancer tokens and get paid a steady passive income just for holding the tokens! Since all the fee’s that are charged by the platform will go to the token holders, so essentially the token holders are the ones running the company…

Oh and with that being said, the token holders will also be the ones who have to settle disputes between customers and also vote on ways to improve the site and all that good stuff, so if you hold these tokens it will be like you own a part of a huge business!

Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain are going to revolutionize the way EVERYTHING is done on the internet and make EVERYTHING distributed instead of centralized which in turn will make everything cheaper and also make it so that EVERYONE on the internet is earning money if you are a token holder or even if you are a day trader. SOOOOO MANY WAYS to make money with cryptocurrencies its ridiculous. Ridiculously AWESOME! Lol.

Anyways, check it out if this sounds interesting.

Peace &