Descrow, The Platform We’ve Been Waiting For

Have you ever invested in an ICO? Have you ever invested in an ICO that ended up bailing on the project after they received their millions of raised funds? Or maybe you were in a bounty program for an ICO and after the ICO ended they did not pay you what they had promised? Well…That is all about to change because of this new up coming project called Descrow.

Descrow is going to allow projects to raise funds which will be held in a smart contract and the INVESTORS in the project will be the ones who will decide how and when those funds will be used. They will do this via smart contracts and an investor voting platform. This way you will know exactly how the raised funds will be being used, when they will be used and how much will be used for different aspects of the projects. This has the potential to change ICO’s FOR THE BETTER and FOREVER. No more getting scammed nor worrying about being scammed because YOU will be in control…No more giving ICO’s your hard earned money and not knowing if they are really using the money for what they say they are using it for. No more bounty workers that don’t get paid the EXACT amount which was originally promised to them when they started doing their bounty work.

Descrow needs OUR help to turn this amazing sounding future into a reality, their ICO is about to begin in about 5 days from now, they already had their presale which was EXTREMELY successful and now we are in the countdown-to-ICO phase. Now is the time to be spreading the word about this amazing project so that in the near future NONE of us will need to worry about being ripped off or lied to by new up coming projects. THIS WILL LITERALLY CHANGE EVERYTHING, think about it. If this becomes the standard way for new projects to raise funds to turn their ideas into reality, there will be no more scams! If a project were to not follow through with their side of the deal then the investors would receive their investments back!! WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN DONE ALREADY?! This could make the U.S. change its mind about ICO’s since their will no longer be any worries about people being scammed! This should have been implemented like years ago!

If you would like to check out this project and read more into the details about what they are all about and what their goals and roadmap is I will have to suggest that you go to their website and dig deep into it, then I would suggest spreading the word about this project so that this can definitely become a reality in the VERY near future. The more funds they raise the quicker they can turn this into reality for all future up coming ICOS! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to not have to stress about whether your investing in a legit project or a scam project? I think it would be one of the best things to happen to crypto in a while to be competely honest…In my opinion this could be the next Ethereum. Or the next Neo or Qtum. BUT better. When I say the next Ethereum/Neo/Qtum I mean the value of the token! I see this reaching a few hundred bucks in no time!

Also if you would like to earn some Descrow Tokens I will include a link at the bottom of this article which will lead you to the bounty page so you can check out all of their bounty programs for yourself and maybe even earn some free descrows along with your investments! Wouldn’t hurt, they have at least 5 different ways you could earn Descrow Tokens in their bounty program so check it out, earning tokens is always a great way to invest into ICO’s you believe in without having to invest any money out of pocket if you are low on funds!

So, I would suggest that you do NOT miss out on this project. If I remember correctly their ICO will be a month long starting in 5 days from the day this article is published So you have time to start spreading the word and also enough time to start reading up more about this project because I am sure there is a lot of great info that I forgot to list in this article. I am just here to make you all aware of this amazing project, once you are aware it will be your job to do more research and learn more about it, especially if you plan on investing, never a bad idea to read up and learn more about different projects you plan on investing in. It is actually the smart thing to do. So get to it!

This will not only make ICO scams nearly impossible to take place if this becomes the norm for ICO’s, BUT it could also effect the quality of the final product. Think about it, if the cutomers/token holders are the ones who control the funds and are the ones to vote on how the funds are used, this could greatly benefit EVERY project which ends up using this platform, because the USERS of the future project/platform will be the ones guiding the project along its path to completion! This is such a brilliant idea it’s ridiculous and hard to believe this hasn’t already happened!! It’s a win win for EVERYONE, well…besides the scammers… they won’t be winning anymore..fortunately hah. About time someone thinks up a way to stop all the ICO scams.

Oh and this also has ANOTHER benefit which just now crossed my mind…Since this platform for new ICO’s will prevent scam ICO’s..This fact will have the added bonus of making it so that all of the funds which would have been wasted on SCAM ICO’s could be used to help out REAL legit projects, which would make the legit projects EVEN more legit and successful in the end. Plus it would be a lot less confusing and time consuming to research ONLY the legit projects than it takes now days researching legit and non legit projects, since we don’t really know which ones are not legit until AFTER the ICO usually…Well not anymore. This changes all of that, and it will save us investors A TON of time. Will also save us bounty workers A LOT of time as well. So a lot less wasted time for everyone! Yay! Here are the links to the website, the ANN, and the Bounty page for those of you who are interested :) You can thank me later! Or just comment below and thank me now for telling you about this AWESOME life changing new project/future platform that HAS TOO MANY BENEFITS to list them all in one article, well…I probably could list them all in this article but it would take FOREVER. So go out and do your own research and start spreading the word to your friends :) Peace & ❤

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