Electroneum ICO, Smartphone Mining Farm!?

Electroneum is a new cryptocurrency founded by Richard Ells who is a successful digital businessman who has started several multi-million dollar online businesses. Electroneum is looking to snatch up the crypto market by utilizing the smart phone as its base component and the asset which will host its platform on. There are 2.2 billion people who own smartphones so this is definitely a great market and an obvious one that makes you question why no one else has thought about doing this before now.

Electroneum has its own app which will be launched right after the token sale has ended on october 31st, the app can be used to easily send and receive electroneum via the Electroneum crypto wallet, and will also include mining software that you can use on your smart phone to mine Electroneum! This is huge since most other altcoins require expensive hardware which is hard to obtain as it usually sells out right away.

Think about that for a second… You could start a mining farm that will consist of just many different smartphones which you can set up to mine for you, I can picture huge smartphone mining farms now…haha. Buildings full of running, plugged in smartphones which will all be mining electroneum. This could be a LOT cheaper than other cryptocurrency mining farms since you could essentially just use old smart phones that people pretty much just throw away once they get a new smart phone, could essentially get all the smartphones in your farm for free or very cheap so all you would have to pay for would be the electric bills.. Honestly I cant wait to see how this turns out and to see if people actually start smartphone mining farms. Heck maybe I will just start a smart phone mining farm! Hopefully the price of electroneum goes way up to make having a smart phone mining farm worth setting up!

People will also be able to transfer electroneum across different platforms and different apps and games which would make it more easily adopted since people would have another reason to purchase some Electroneum, to fuel their apps and games. I think Electroneum should start working harder on marketing this idea to other apps to help people start adopting it easier and quicker. If certain apps could only be fueled by purchasing electroneum that is when more and more people would start to adopt it and use it.

So, in my eyes Electroneum is looking like it will have a bright future, it has a great team behind it, a great revolutionary idea to make mining cheaper and more widely accessible and will be able to transfer it between different mobile apps, yeah its looking pretty good so far. So hurry up and get some electroneum + a bonus while the ICO is still going on cause it will be ending shortly! Don’t want to miss out on the next Bitcoin now do you?! Didn’t think so.

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And if you would like to join the bounty program for Electroneum here is the link to the bounty page, better hurry though!