Life is a word that ends long and lives short.
Its good that you live a happy life but its best that you live a meaningful life. I never understood that how a person can feel bad if he/she has all the necessities of life. That is food, shelter and cloths .
I guess I was wrong. The one who has satisfaction after owing them lives a meaningful life.
Satisfaction is something what we humans can never feel. Then why this word was discovered? There might be something good about this word. It is something we do without gaining any reward for it like this article. I feel good writing my thoughts doesn’t matter how poor grammar I write. To me the story is not more important than moral behind the words.
Guys satisfaction is the key to meaningful life.
Meaningful life is full of happiness doesn’t matter how much branded cloths you own. How you look or What is your gender ?
Its totally different. Have you ever experienced that sometimes you really feel happy?
Happy in the sence when you smile or laugh with your soul not with your heart. Actually we literally feel happy from our soul very rearly. We involve or teeth’s , heart and our brain to laugh or smile at something.
To laugh / smile from your soul is not that easy.
You just have to think of that moment when you did something without thinking that what you might get doing this. Keeping your selfishness aside. Without thinking what people might think of it and the last one but the most important one.
When you do it for a great cause.
Its not that easy to make somebody smile keeping your selfishness aside. Have you observed a joker in a circus . The one with big red nose and afcorse a big smile and stupidity. If he falls we laugh if he act stupid we laugh. He hurts himself to make us laugh I know you might be thinking that he gets money for acting stupid .
Then guys let us think that he gets money to act not to do it really. He can act falling down without getting hurt. Sure he may be doing it at the show,making us fool. But ..but..... acting ??? He really falls 4 times when he practice it .
Because you can act when you feel.
So can’t we act that we have all that was there in the world. We are the richest and smartest on this earth we don’t need more except the fact that now we have this richest life to make others smile those who actually dont own even what is necessary to survive.