The Divine Matrix

In the years to come the Eight principles of the Law of Balance will be studied in schools and universities in every region of the globe. These principles came to me seemingly from “nowhere”. But this is not so. “Nowhere” does not really exists. Whatever exists has a presence and is really a form of energy. Even what we call empty space — the vast nothingness that we see when we stare into the great beyond above — is brimming with something; something that is real and alive, something that is connected to us in ways science is just beginning to understand.

Perhaps it is better to say these principles were detected by the energetic field of my mind, and were interpreted by my consciousness and then written down. If that sounds too esoteric for you, just accept that the principles came to me in a flash of knowing. I am publishing them for the first time here on medium. Ponder them, study them…share them. I intend to begin writing my second book (my first is called The Middle Theory) later this year; these principles will be featured as revealing chapters.

The eight universal laws of Balance:

1. Everything in the universe impacts everything else.
2. Everything is energy.
3. Thoughts are subtle forms of energy generated and perceived by consciousness.
4. All forms of matter are discrete bundles of low vibrational energy held together by powerful forces of attraction between energetically associated quantum particles vibrating in resonance.
5. Consciousness is the Universal Intelligence beyond time and space that organises, creates, transmutes and experiences energy.
6. Balanced energetic environments (BEE) are created when all energetic forces acting on discreet bundles of energy interact in such a way to produce harmonic vibrational patterns.
7. Happiness, health, joy and all that promotes and supports well-being, growth or vitality arise naturally within balanced energetic environments.
8. Disease, sadness, death and all that diminishes well-being, growth or vitality is caused by dissonance — a disruption to the bonds of attraction between associated quantum particles (physical imbalance) or a disruption in the harmonic patterns of thought (emotional imbalance).

If you have questions or wish to share a comment about any of the Eight Principles of the Law of Balance you may write to me at You may also connect with me on facebook or twitter. Intrigued? Check out my first book published in 2009 entitled The Middle Theory. It is available on amazon.

Writing The Middle Theory awakened within me an awareness of the divine that exists within everything. The divine matrix is everything that there is and everything that there ever can be. It is both kinetic and potential energy. It is physical and spiritual. It is the All of the past, future and the now. We are inextricably linked to the divine matrix— as conscious beings, we are not only integrated parts of the matrix, but we are also integral to how the matrix evolves. More on this in my next book! Until then, enjoy the eight principles.

Deshon Fox is the author of The Middle Theory, teacher and visionary.