Forming a PostgreSQL cluster within Kubernetes
Dmitriy Paunin

Nice article!

We have a kubernetes setup and are currently trying out multiple postgresql HA solutions (3 node) to find which one really works. I made some basic changes to your solution to suit our deployment “provisioner” needs. Instead of having 3 StatefulSets (for a 3 node setup), I created just one StatefulSet (with Adaptive Mode) with 3 replicas and changed the docker entry point to populate NODE_ID, NODE_NAME and other instance specific things for each replica. Pgpool sits in the front of this setup.

Failover works each time!

Now I don’t know if its because of some misconfiguration at my end, but this is what I see:

  • At times when the failed master comes up, it is not able to auto-detect the new master and assumes the role of master. Thus causing 2 masters in the setup.
  • When one instance goes down and does not come up beyond x seconds, Pgpool marks it as “down” but does not mark it as “up” when it finally comes up and is responsive
  • At times Pgpool does not show the correct master.

Your solution is by far the most promising and suitable for our setup. And I would really like it to work. Can you provide some pointers? I can share my config file snippets if needed.



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