Weird how men always seem to have time to share their opinions, even from the pub on St.
Sara Wachter-Boettcher

What’s been good for the goose is not now good for the gander unless you think a spiral of increasingly vitriolic misunderstanding is a beneficial thing. My response comes from a place of constructive criticism. I hope it will be read with that tone in mind.

The argument you might expect: If I started a sentence with ‘weird how women always seem to…’ I would correctly be shamed from all corners of civilized society. Anyone’s arguments — men’s, women’s, and those of people not identifying with either ‘established’ gender — will be best served by avoiding this type of sexist generalization. It stifles discussion and perpetuates an us-v.-them mentality.

I am male, but I am allowed to give my opinion without it being automatically and condescendingly labelled as ‘mansplaining’ or as inherently misogynistic or being told that condescension is how men have responded to women for years. That sucks that they have, but we’re here now and we have a choice in how we respond to each other.

True, if a man had made an equally hollow slam against women in general, I wouldn’t be calling it out. I wouldn’t have to because before I would have even read the post, that person would have been shamed and corrected dozens of times. And rightly so.

You have every right to demand gender equality even if you think men are some monolithic and stupid segment of the species, but you do damage to the very cause you claim to represent if you think that in order to raise women up you have to tear men down.

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