Warning. This post contains feelings.

My phone got stolen and my flat doesn’t have internet.


I carry my iPad with me in case I have access to wifi to check my email. I use it to take really shitty photos and post them to Instagram.

I’ve been phoneless for a week now. My sister sent me one last week so I’m hoping to get it by next week.

I’m getting to the point where I’m very frustrated. I’ve nearly been driven to tears what with the lack of immediate communication via cell phone, internet, and of course, as always, boys. But I don’t want to talk about boys.

I said NEARLY, ok?

I will say this though- by leaving Vancouver, I thought I was leaving behind the passive aggressiveness and the inability to distinguish between friendship and more than friendship, which I thought was due to Vancouver boys. Nope. This is just what boys are like. Or is it me? Who knows.

What is up with boys and their lack of communication. If you’re feeling it or not feeling it, just say so. Fuck the fade.

I’m still unemployed. I’m waiting to hear back from one company but it’s been nearly a week and I don’t want to put all my eggs in one basket, so I’ve applied to others. I’m starting to feel the push to find a job, since I’ve been here for a month now.

I think I was trying to get everything all at once and it’s starting to feel really heavy. Apartment. Job. Social circle. Dates. Travel.

For the most part, I’ve dabbled in all parts of those, which I feel is pretty good for one month. But I feel like I expect too much of myself. I want to prove that on somewhat of a whim, anyone can up all their shit from their hometown and move somewhere you’ve never been, don’t know anyone or the language.

I want to be a success story. Instead I’m feeling not so much like a failure, but someone who has somewhat plateaued. I don’t like waiting. And I feel like this past week all I’ve been doing is waiting. I don’t have anything to take up all my time just yet.

I’ve started listening to Podcasts though. So if you have any suggestions, please let me know. I’m mostly listening to some nerdy shit (Nerdist, D&D/Pathfinder, World of Warcraft, board game, and Serial. Oh, also something called Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction which is, to say the least, somewhat interesting), but am open to basically everything.

At this point, I am feeling like all I want is reliable internet in my room so I can stream everything and not have to leave. That sounds depressing.

The good part about not having internet is that it forces me to get out of the house, make myself presentable, and do something. Usually, drinking coffee, blogging, deleting the entry, rewriting another one, downloading podcasts, and messaging people on Facebook. And listening to Spotify.

One thing I wish I did before leaving was download a shit ton of music and videos and put them on my computer. It’s super illegal to download anything here, so I can’t. Listening to music at a coffeeshop has become quite the treat. It’s music to my ears. Haw haw.

I think I am rambling now.

Soooo bye.